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steel prices will remain high shock in the fourth quarter

steel prices will remain high shock in the fourth quarter

Jan 6,2018

The domestic steel price shows a shocks upward in the first three quarters of this year, the overall i-ncrease is larger, the domestic composite steel price index rose 28 points, or 20.7%. The main reas-onfor rising prices is a blow to the bar and the capacity to show the effect of the blow bar in the cou-ntry this year, a total of 1.2 tons of steel to eliminate. In addition, the formal production has been co-mpleted in the first half of 80%, and by the end of August, Hebei, Handan, Langfang shut down freelyDongshan, Yunfeng and steel, the capacity to task has been completed ahead of schedule.

In the latter part of the trend, the recent signs of national construction steel stocks increased slightly,but due to the influence of environmental crisis, especially the management of small scattered sewa-ge industry is not small, so the latter supply will decline, a slight increase in the impact of the current inventory is not large, the inventory is likely to reach low level in recent years. The yield, although s-till maintain a high yield of steel in August, but from the beginning of September, plant maintenance -began to increase, coupled with the nineteen Congress may limit production policy, and the heating -season peak production policies, from the beginning of September, steel production will be graduallyreduced. In addition, the demand side, this year's overall infrastructure, real estate development inv-estment will remain relatively high level, there is unlikely to drop substantially. Therefore, the steel, e-specially the construction of steel downstream demand will be relatively stable protection.

Although the current environmental protection has limited steel production, but at the same time, it  may also affect the construction site. Overall, however, steel prices will remain high and volatile. Aft-er the recent speculation in the market and the market price rose sharply in the short term may be adapted to the needs of the National Day holiday before the price may fall to 200-300 yuan per ton, -but after the end of October, before the market factors will begin to emerge, the overall price will reb-ound again, do not rule out the possibility of the recent high price of more than.

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